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Supposedly, teaching students how to be homosexual is their way of making queers feel safe in school. At one convention, 12 year olds could receive free “pocket sex” kits which, among other things, contained bandages for “when the sex got really rough” and condoms (remember, they want the 12 year olds to practice so-called “safe” sex.) They could also learn about “fisting” and other perverted homosexual acts.

By the time you add in homosexuals and bisexuals, it is obvious which segment of the American population is ridden with the disease, even using the reported statistics of the government. And which countries elsewhere in the world have the highest rates? The black African nations, particularly Botswana (in Africa, the number one cause of death is AIDS). This rate is increasing with the black soldiers wreaking havoc across the land and raping women. Apparently, there is also a rumor circulating among the dim-witted blacks that having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. This has resulted in blacks with AIDS targeting virgins to rape, and in one location, half of these victims then test positive for HIV. With South Africa now under black rule, HIV rates are climbing higher and higher there. Almost one-fourth of pregnant women were estimated to be infected in 1999. The nations with the next highest rates are in Asia and Latin America. These countries account for most of the HIV worldwide infection rate – and for most of the 22 million people who have died from it and the 36 million now infected. Worldwide, 14,500 were infected daily in the year 2000. What does this mean for us?

The US sends at least 1/2 billion dollars a year in our tax money to these countries to help these mongrels with AIDS. This does not include the federal money spent in America, and also does not include private money and donations from American drug companies, physicians, church groups, etc. The National Institute of Health (NIH) spent almost $400 million just on the research for a vaccine last year. Now the UN is calling for up to $10 billion more a year to help prevent the spread of HIV, and you can bet that they will look to the US to supply most of the money. The goal proposed by the UN is gradually increasing funding until 2005, when $9.2 billion will be funneled into AIDS treatment and prevention.

Most of this money will of course be spent in “developing nations” on drug treatment. (In these nations, drug therapy is usually about $400 per year, compared to the supposed $15,000 per year in America.) All this after 20 years of research, treatment, media hype, and so on costing us billions of dollars, etc., not to mention the public health and moral threats they are creating by extending the life expectancy of HIV-infected individuals, allowing them to spread the disease that much more. Furthermore, public health officials, police officers, and so on are put in a place of danger when they risk contracting the disease just by going to work.

Most people have heard of antibiotic resistance, with bacteria resistant to our current therapies being created through overuse, misuse, etc., but few realize that the virus that causes AIDS mutates constantly and many strains are resistant to current therapies. Because of modern health care, HIV-infected individuals will live longer even with a resistant strain, which they spread around and which then mutates further, etc. With the slow turnover in creating new drugs for treatment, drugs are unable to keep up with the virus. That is why there is such an emphasis on finding a vaccine. While Americans are becoming the more complacent, HIV is still hard at work.

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