New Statistics for AIDS Among Blacks

New statistics for the prevalence of HIV among blacks show a huge disparity. One out of every 50 black men, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is infected with HIV. This compares with one out of every 250 white men who have HIV, and among these white men who have HIV, a large percentage are actually Hispanic or homosexual or Jewish.

One out of every 160 black women were reported to be infected with HIV, again a staggering number. This compares with only one out of every 3000 white women. Again, this figure for “white women” includes Hispanics, so the actual number is much lower, and whatever the real number of infection among white women is, that number is probably roughly equivalent to the actual number of infected, heterosexual white men. Then of those heterosexual whites who are infected, nearly all of the infections are the result of sex with non-whites or IV drug use.

In other words, the average black man is around 50-100 times as likely to have HIV as the average heterosexual white man. The spread of HIV has been coupled to the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases, such as Hepatitis C, which have also exploded among blacks. Infected blacks are also ten times as likely to die earlier from AIDS as are infected whites.

Other evidence suggests that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among blacks could be even higher. Among first time blood donors, who generally have the lowest incidence of HIV since they are carefully screened before donating blood by a questionnaire that eliminates them if they have even small risk factors, blacks were 25 times as likely to have recently acquired HIV as all others – including homosexuals and Hispanics.

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